Berchtold Operon B 810 C-Arm Table


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Berchtold Operon B 810 C-Arm Table

Introducing the Berchtold Operon B 810 C-Arm Table for sale. Designed for use in surgical suites where control and patient positioning are critical, BERCHTOLD’s OPERON® B 810 is a feature-rich, remote-control table that enhances patient positioning and provides complete support throughout its entire range of motion. A small footprint allows better patient and equipment access while the OPERON B 810’s carbon fiber, sliding tabletop and integrated x-ray cassette channel offers optimal imaging access and clarity. With a complete line of available accessories, the OPERON B 810 is capable of accommodating virtually any surgical procedure.

Berchtold Operon B 810 C-Arm Table Features

  • General Purpose, Mobile Surgical Table with back-lit hand control.
  • C-arm Compatible: 21″ wide Carbon Fiber table top, less X-ray attenuation allows improved image clarity with greater coverage and support/positioning for larger patients.
  • 600 Ibs lift and articulation capacity in both normal and reverse orientation.
  • 12″ Longitudinal Top Slide: provides superior C-arm coverage and surgical team access.
  • X-Ray Cassette Channel: Eliminates x-ray tops, maximizes patient safety and user convenience.
  • Self Compensating Floor Locks: Levels itself on uneven floors for a rigid working surface.
  • Power Kidney Elevator.
  • One-Touch Beach Chair Positioning


Our 21″ by 76″ tabletop offers greater IA coverage with better support and positioning for larger patients and is complimented by a generous 28″– 48″ vertical articulation range providing excellent surgical access during all types of procedures. A Detachable Leg Section provides better surgical site exposure, especially for arthroscopic and lithotomy positioning. Two features offer greater access in the lateral position: the Power Kidney Elevator which adds lift and Power Flex which, with one touch, puts the table into a 225° full flex position.

Berchtold Operon B 810 C-Arm Table Specifications

  • Table Top Height: 28″ min 148″ max
  • Trendelenburg/Rev Trend: 30° / 30°
  • Lateral Tilt: Right/Left: 20°
  • Back Raise/Lower: 80° / 45°
  • Head Rest Raise/Lower: 90°/190° Detachable
  • Leg Sections Raise/Lower: 2°/105° Detachable
  • Table Top Length: 76″
  • Table Top Width: 21″ (23″ w/ side rails)
  • X-Ray Cassette Channel Integrated: Full-Length Safety & Convenience
  • Longitudinal Top Slide: 12″ Superior C-arm Coverage
  • Patient Weight Capacity: 600lbs Normal & Reverse Orient


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