EmCyte Executive Series Centrifuge II


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EmCyte Executive Series Centrifuge II

The EmCyte Executive Series Centrifuge II is even more power and is an even lighter bucket. These improvements help enhance bone marrow and blood separation with less time than the predecessor.

The buckets are constructed with aerosol caps which stop the blood’s automatization during centrifugation. This feature provides security controls for the patient and constantly makes EmCyte ahead of its peers. The brake system has been upgraded to ensure optimal separation the braking process, which is significantly reduced when compared of the elite Series centrifuge.

High-end performance has been added to a centrifuge that is sleek, light and operated digitally. The machine is portable and is smaller in size, which allows it to be operated in extremely tight areas. When operating, the machine’s sound levels are comparable to those of a whisper. This makes it enjoyable for use throughout all kinds of clinical settings.

* The PhotoActivation Process Takes Only 10 Minutes.
* Training Not Necessary.
* Compatible in conjunction with any high-quality PRP Kit.
* Used for Both Orthopedic or Cosmetic PRP Applications.


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