MA 27 Portable Audiometer


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MA 27 Portable Audiometer

Introducing the MA 27 Portable Audiometer.

Doctor’s Toy Store buys, sells, trades, and exports medical equipment at discount prices and is proud to offer a wide variety of them for sale from the world’s leading manufacturers, including the MA 27 Portable Audiometer. Doctors who need state-of-the-art audiometers that provide fast and accurate test results know the MA 27 Portable Audiometer is a must-have.

With an MA 27 Portable Audiometer, doctors can switch between tone, pulse or warble by simply pressing a button. Large, fingertip control knobs provide access to a full range of audio frequencies and hearing levels.

This sturdy-yet-lightweight case comes with a built-in handle and storage compartment that not only protects the portable audiometer but also allows you to pick-up-and-go in a hurry. Ample storage holds headphones and other audiometer accessories.

MA27 Ultra-portable Audiometer has been specifically designed for the on-the-go hearing testing programs. In addition to its extremely lightweight package (less than 6 pounds), you will find features such as pulse tone and warble tone to help you in your testing. The MA27 meets all appropriate sections of ANSI S3.6-1969, Rev. 1973.

Maico audiometers have been designed to meet the most thorough of electrical safety standards and to provide years of reliable operation with the rugged durability that has become the trademark of Maico portable audiometers.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Accuracy: +/- 3% maximum
  • Rise/Fall Time: 35 msec typical
  • Distortion: 0.5% typical, 3% maximum
  • Crosstalk: -100 dB minimum
  • On/Off Ratio: 80 dB minimum
  • Frequency Modulation: +/-5% frequency modulating rate at 5 Hz
  • Voltage Requirements: 117 volts AC, 220 volts AC available
  • Dimensions: 14” W x 7” H x 17” D
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs. / 2.7 kg
  • Frequency Range: 250 Hz to 8000 Hz
  • Hearing Level Range: -15 dB to 90 dB HL


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