RT6000B Tabletop Centrifuge


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RT6000B Tabletop Centrifuge

The RT6000B combines the features of the tabletop centrifuge and those of the larger refrigerated centrifuge in a compact tabletop instrument. The refrigeration system consists of an evaporator/rotor chamber and a low-temperature condensing unit. The refrigeration system is designed to maintain the temperature within 11 degrees Celsius, while in the operating range of -5 degrees Celcius to +25 degrees Celsius.

Additional information on RT6000B Tabletop Centrifuge

The RT6000B Centrifuge features a closed-loop speed control and has a see-through chamber door that allows rotor calibration and visual inspection of a run in progress. The chamber door is counterbalanced for easy opening and safe closing. The lid latch is locked manually by turning the door release knob counter-clockwise to the LOCKED position, then an interlock mechanically engages when the rotor begins spinning to prevent the chamber door from being opened during operation. The gyro-action, self-centering drive has a diamond or hexagonal-shaped drive spindle which assures proper seating of rotors. The centrifuges also have a slow-start feature that slowly accelerates the rotor from 0 to 600 rpm.

Centrifuge Dimensions: 

  • Width ——————————————— 32 inches (81 cm)
  • Depth ——————————————— 64 inches (25 cm)
  • Height ——————————————– 12.5 inches (32 cm)

Centrifuge Specifications: 

  • Maximum Speed ————————————— 6000 rpm
  • Operating Temperature —————————— -5° Celcius to +25° Celcius
  • Electrical Requirements —————————– 115Vac, 60 Hz, 15A, Single Phase*
  • Weight (Mass) —————————————— 187 lbs. (85 kg.)

Rotor Specifications:

  • Rotor —————————————————– H-1000B Swinging Bucket Rotor
  • Max Operating Speed ——————————- 820²
  • Max Relative Centrifugal Force ——————- 2190 (RCF)


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